Dr. Carlos Balam Kuk Solís

Associate Vice President

Dr. Carlos Balam Kuk Solís, Associate Vice President for Technology Innovation, is passionate about identifying technologies that allow people and organizations to innovative and accelerate towards their goals, while minimizing obstacles to success.

His interests include the application of networked technologies to education and empowering individuals to leverage cloud-based solutions to tackle their own challenges.  As a result, Dr. Solís is focusing on the power of low-code no-code solutions as innovation enablers, and as viable alternatives to digital equity and inclusion.

Other projects developed under his leadership include the Bobcat Digital Assistant (BVA), a comparative study of AI Captioning and Transcription Services, the use of AI to provide efficient feedback to provide content quality feedback developed by students, and the development of the strategy for The Texas State University Digital Learning environment.

Dr. Solís is the recipient of The Computer World Smithsonian Award, as well as the Microsoft Connected Learning Community Award.  He is a member of the Microsoft Higher Education Customer Advisory Board, and a member of the advisory board for Rosalyn AI.

Dr. Carlos Balam Kuk Solis


Albert B. Alkek Library
Room 153