TXST Microsoft Champions Program

The Microsoft Champions Program at TXST is a common interest group formed to reinforce and expand dynamic use of the Microsoft 365 tools suite through collaboration, discussion, and demonstration. This program brings together TXST staff and faculty who are passionate about utilizing Microsoft applications, and empowers them with the knowledge to streamline their workflows and educate their peers:

Champions help build, grow, and sustain your Microsoft 365 rollout by evangelizing and helping their peers with the new technology. Champions are not only passionate about what they do but also passionate about seeing the success of others (Microsoft, 2022).

The greatest challenges are overcome through the support of colleagues, friends, families, and communities; and when it comes to learning, there is no exception. According to Microsoft, “learning via coworkers is among the most effective and most used methods (Microsoft Adoption)”. The TXST Microsoft Champions Program opens the door to hearing and sharing with each other how we are applying the Microsoft toolset to make a difference in our workspaces. Meetings focus on innovative tips for using Microsoft 365 apps, Microsoft Teams, and the Microsoft Power Platform. All faculty and staff at TXST have access to these platforms, but few know the potential benefits that stem from more extensive training in them.

A better understanding of the Microsoft platform of apps enables employees to identify business challenges and empowers them to create their own solutions. For example, Microsoft Teams and the Office Suite are continually being updated with improvements and new features designed to make your work life more efficient. Training in the MS 365 Power Platform allows small teams to innovate at their own level, creating their own apps and solutions without having to burden typically development teams.  In other words, the Microsoft Power Platform enables innovation in the places where it is needed and where it matters.  As innovation spreads, the whole organization advances.

Microsoft Champions meet from 11:00-12:00 every third Friday of the month, in person and online. Meetings are followed by an hour of networking and refreshments. TXST staff and faculty can register to be a Microsoft Champion by joining our Microsoft Teams group or attending one of our meetings.

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