TXST No-Code Program

About the program

From its inception, the Technology Innovation Office focused on empowering Texas State University community members to adopt and develop solutions that would positively impact their jobs and the University's ability to serve our students. In today's technology landscape, no-code and low-code development platforms keep growing as tools that allow organizations to respond to increasing demands for faster and more efficient units by empowering large and small teams to create business-grade applications without coding quickly. In addition, no-code development allows citizen developers to skip coding entirely, enabling innovation to happen at the point of need, bypassing coding teams and the long waiting lists typically part of large enterprises. 


As part of its innovation pillars, the Technology Innovation Office has adopted a two-prong approach to no-code. On the one hand, TIO started working with faculty and staff to build up no-code development skills. On the other hand, TIO has been partnering with the university community to bring no-code development-focused programming to students in an effort that is focused on, but not limited to, exposing students from typically underrepresented groups in technology to a vision of digital empowerment. 

This approach is supported by a strategic choice by the Division of Information Technology when it signed up for a Microsoft 365 licensing agreement that would grant every member of the University, faculty, staff, and students access to the Microsoft Power Platform. By going in this direction, not only do all members of the institution have access to no-code development tools, but they have access to one of the industry's top-rated no-code business development applications. This decision is significant, not only because all our staff and faculty can start impacting their team through no-code development but also because our students can graduate with knowledge and skills that are directly connected to the workplace. 

Recent TIO no-code activities

  • No-Code for Veterans Bootcamp
  • No-Code for TRIO SSS STEM Students 
  • No-Code for Faculty and Staff in collaboration with ITAC 
  • No-Code for TRIO Upward Bound and Talent Search Mentors 
  • No-Code for TRIO Upward Bound Students 
  • No-Code for TRIO Talent Search Students 
  • Study in America field experience app 
  • No-Code Garage 
  • Monthly No-Code segment in the Texas State Microsoft Champions Program 
  • Launch of TRIO business processes app development 
  • No-Code workshop for McCoy School of Business students 
  • No-Code for Veterans, in collaboration with Shenandoah University [Phase 1] 
  • No-Code workshop for TXST Girls Who Code 

Upcoming activities

Learn more about the upcoming App in a Day activity. Download the App in a Day activity description.

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