Technology Innovation Office

Engage. Innovate. Transform.

The mission of the Technology Innovation Office is to establish, foster and maintain innovation as a core competency within the Division of Information Technology.

Innovation Through No-Code

Empower the university community to create new solutions using no-code/low-code - a modern approach to software development that eliminates or minimizes the need to write code. With no-code/low-code, users can build applications using visual, point-and-click tools instead of hand-coding.

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Teaching Space of Tomorrow

The Teaching Space of Tomorrow is an initiative focused producing a highly engaging instructional experience by developing an instructor-centered space infused with technologies that create a more proximate connection between the instructor and their students. As part of this initiative, a competitively chosen instructor-in-residence works in collaboration with the TSOT team to design and improve the space and processes associated with it following the mantra of “an engaged instructor leads to an engaged student.”

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Innovation Through Technology Evangelism

Foster a culture of innovation by focusing on sharing and communicating "innovation activity" to keep it in the forefront of people's minds. 

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Innovation Through External Partnerships

Identify opportunities for Texas State and external technology organizations to collaborate in the development of mutually beneficial innovative solutions.

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TIO Innovation News

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