Teaching Space of Tomorrow

The Teaching Space of Tomorrow pushes the boundaries of online synchronous instruction and enriches asynchronous instruction.  The project’s goal is to produce a highly engaging experience for instructors, which in turn, leads to an engaging experience for students. Key to the success of this project is the effective and innovative use of the high-quality audio and video equipment installed in the room, all expertly administered by the Technology Innovation Office and the ITAC Learning Spaces team.  

Instructors utilizing the space will be provided training, consultation, and assistance by TIO and are placed in the driver’s seat of this engaging educational journey. Professors cannot help but feel the energy coming from their online class’s participation and engagement.

The space is currently evaluating how multiple instructors can utilize the same space during the same semester so as many faculty, students, and disciplines can be served as possible. Scheduling, equipment reset, and other logistical challenges are being tested and resolved by the Technology Innovation Office in collaboration with ITAC’s Learning Spaces team. 

TIO is also working on the creation of a smaller, lighter online education kit for home and office use. The kit will include microphones, cameras, lights, and other equipment for use in smaller spaces. These kits will deliver a high-quality experience, but on a smaller scale. Check back soon for further information.